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Linda Dirmeik

About the A-I-M Program

“I’m stuck, feel unfulfilled, I am not succeeding. I don’t know where to start, I’m not sure what to fix and I really not sure what to do or which direction to take.”


This dilemma can happen to us at any age – and this is when we need to find the tools to create a clearer picture about who we are, what we want and how to go about reaching our true potential.


This is the work of Linda Dirmeik creator of Attimo –Attitude - Image – Motivation. “Aim for what you want” is a Workbook developed and nurtured from Linda’s own life experience and research, grew from her observations and concern that somewhere along the way, we lose the power to be all we can be.  Negative reinforcements about who we are and what we can do – from the home, school or work environment – add layers of negativity, which seep into our attitude and approach to life.

We eventually believe these thoughts, stories and attitudes and use them over and over again, eroding the courage, confidence and belief that we can be any different.


The “Aim for what you want” workbook creates a reality (devoid of the thinking that limits our potential) around five key areas of life: our social circle, our family, our physical being our ethical being and our career/education.


Creating this reality is a powerful mechanism towards change, growth and unlocking our potential. Linda encourages moms and educators to explore these life management skills for the people whose lives they influence.

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About Linda Dirmeik

Linda is a self-motivated, positive, goal orientated person who practices what she preaches.


She has studied and practiced motivational skills in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa; giving both lectures and seminars, and has opened consultancy branches in Johannesburg and Canada.



Realizing that there was a need for development of motivation skills amongst children, she wrote the AIM manual. Linda spent time with the street children in Cape Town, South Africa, using the manual to encourage them to believe in themselves.


The manual has been developed to encompass all age groups and deals with complex psychological concepts simplified to everyday terms.


Aim for what you want