Aim for what you want

Linda Dirmeik

Student Success Stories


Mthetheleli Emanuel Gxowa's Story

My name is Mthetheleli Gxowa and I live at Khayelitsha in Mandela Park (21 Section to be specific).  I am compiling this “document” in order to highlight to “you” as students, the things that I’ve gone through in order to be where I am. By doing so I don’t want it to sound as if I am bragging about my success, I am just giving you guys motivation because I would also love for you to make it as I did.



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Pearl's Story

Have you ever had the experience of knowing what the correct action in life is for you?   Many people do not have direction early in life.  For some there is never even a hint!


This is not the case with Pearl.  Pearl was diagnosed with a rare medical condition at a young age.  Whilst at the doctor she was told that in fact the probability of her reaching her sixteenth birthday was unlikely.



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Leanne's Story

“As a sports person it was very important for me to excel. Winning was the be all and end all in my life.


During the course of the AIM Programme, I suddenly realised that there was more to life than winning.  I took a close look at my relationships with family members, especially, my father.


I said to myself “If I can get the relationship with my father back on track, it would be the TRUE meaning of “Winning”.  This is what AIM did to me.  Little did I realise, that my father would not be around for that much longer.  Thank goodness, I mended our relationship before it was too late.  Thank you AIM and Linda.”





Michael's Story

Negativity, whether it be our own or something coming from a third party, can have devastating and far reaching effects on a person’s life. I was once asked to help a young man, named Michael, who, at a very young age had been labelled as a ‘learning problem’.



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Elizabeth's Story

“Eight months before starting “Improve Your Aim” I was retrenched.  Up until then I had always been successful and organised. Then the bottom fell out of my world!! My world being work and the constant striving for success. From being constantly busy I found myself totally bored and not enjoying the demands of being a housewife and full time mom.


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Remi's Story

How often many of us have been told what we can do and what can’t do?  One time is one too many!


This is a story about a young man who came to AIM as he was not doing well at school. His parents thought that he could do much better.




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Aim for what you want